VitaLink Health understands what you deserve for your hard work. Make the most out of your career Become A
VitaLink Traveler.

We know the primary reason you’re interested in a traveling job, we get it! It’s nice to get compensated for your hard work and dedication. That’s why we pay highly competitive wages to make sure that your travels are worth it. Whatever your end goal might be, becoming a VitaLink traveler will definitely give you the financial stability to reach it. 

Along with high pay, VitaLink Health offers benefit packages to give you peace of mind for your family’s future. Medical Insurance, 401(k), PTO, and more. 

A life of traveling requires you to stay in different states and cities across the country. We offer the option to find housing for you or you can choose to take a stipend and find housing yourself! Either way, VitaLink Health has you covered.

Fill out our application and we will get you traveling in no time!

Get paid to travel the country! 

Traveling clinicians get rewarded for their dedication to a life on the road. You have the potential to earn double the salary as a traveling nurse than you would be working in a traditional nursing position. All while still earning benefits!

We will work with you to develop individualized career plans. Our recruiters will then use those career plans to help them find work that fits your plan to help you reach your career goals. 

No matter your specialty, VitaLink Health will take you under their wings to place you in top facilities across the country. Even if you don’t see your specialty listed, apply with us and our recruiters will develop a plan to place you in a position. 

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