VitaLink Health traveling nurse agency was founded by healthcare professionals. We focus on providing valuable services to healthcare facilities while giving clinicians the rewards they receive for their hard work. 

Our goal is to help clinicians find the most rewarding jobs while providing facilities with the most qualified healthcare providers in the country.

We value building friendships with clinicians to help them grow their career, all while building the strongest group of healthcare providers in the country. 

Taylor Carman

President of VitaLink

VitaLink Health traveling nurse agency provides you with a steady stream of highly rewarding job placements. No more stressing about finding your own traveling jobs, we handle that for you! We also provide competitive pay and benefits, and help you with housing while you’re on the road. All the rewards, none of the hassle. 

VitaLink Health strives to provide top talented clinical professionals to medical facilities across the nation. We use assessments to ensure that we hire individuals with high competency ratings across various specialties.